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As of today, not only have we exceeded our stretch goal of $75,000, we are headed towards our final goal of 500 backers by SUNDAY April 13th at 2:26pm. All the proceeds will be used to digitize and license the stunning archival footage used in the film. THANK YOU! for your tremendous support and for continuing to spread the word during these final 3 days.

Why does Gertrude Bell’s story matter?

Gertrude Bell in the press

Today most people have never heard of Gertrude Bell whereas during her life particularly while working for the British government in Iraq, she was one of the most famous woman in Britain and widely followed by the press.

“Miss Bell officially is known as the Oriental Secretary to the High Commissioner of Iraq. But in reality she is the chief British authority in that part of the world…” New York Times Dec 25th,1925

What made Gertrude Bell so newsworthy in 1920? The obvious answer is that she was a woman doing what no other woman had done before. But more importantly, she was a major player in creating and implementing British foreign policy in the Middle East post WWI – at a time when the whole world was watching.

100 years later, we read in the papers every day about the Middle East and continue to experience the implications of decisions that were made by Bell and her colleagues at that time. If history is to be fully examined, understood and – ultimately – learned from, then the life and legacy of Gertrude Bell must be included in the history of the British Empire and the Modern Middle East.

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Letters From Baghdad Honor Roll

In the spirit of honoring women who have made a difference, we launched our Kickstarter campaign with the opportunity for you to honor a special woman in your life. For those of you who made a pledge of $40 and above and for any newcomers who would like to support our film, the Letters from Baghdad HONOR ROLL is on our website, and new names will be continuously posted. The Honor Roll will maintain a permanent place on our website – our film couldn’t be made without you! Please click on the above logo to take a look!



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