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Letters from Baghdad: A documentary film on Gertrude Bell, the most powerful woman in the British Empire, who drew Iraq’s borders before disappearing from history. Find out more about our film and help us bring her story back by supporting our Kickstarter campaign: CLICK HERE

“We hope to do a new Engelhörner peak. I would like to have one of them to my name. It is a silly ambition, isn’t it? Still, one does like to have the credit one really deserves…” Gertrude Bell, 1901

Gertrude BellGertrude Bell was not only an adventurer, spy and archaeologist, she was also an expert Alpine mountaineer. She was the first person to climb all the peaks of the Englehörner range in the Swiss Alps, one of which was named in her honor “Gertrudspitze.”

We got down to the hut at 12. Here rather a comic incident occurred. We had left provisions and wood for our return and imagine our feelings at finding 3 Frenchmen burning our wood and making our tea! I said very politely that I was delighted to entertain them, but that I hoped they would let us have some of the tea, since it was really ours. They looked rather black but made no apologies, nor did they thank me and I went away to change my things outside. When I came back they had gone, but they left the following entry in the visitors’ book…” Gertrude Bell, 1901

We were thrilled to discover the actual visitors’ book! Please click on the book to see Gertrude Bell’s handwritten entry…

Visitors Book


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